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Creating a website may have many elements.  Information can be gathered from many different sources. That's no problem, we design to take that into account.

You may wish a stand alone system or a number of connected PC's feeding information into a centralised server.


You will need a creative artist to draw the picture and take hold of the audience.  You have close to 2 sec to do so.

Then just when you think you have covered all the bases you then need to write the correct wording that follows the Google tests so that Google will add you to their index and searches can be directed to your site.

So there you are, all finished, but wait... do you want to sell a product from your website.  In that case we will need to add a database of product, complete with pictures of the products, and a shopping cart, and make provision for a way of taking a payment.

That's why we call it "building a website" and when it comes to website building, that's what we do !

Just make contact, either email  or  phone direct to 027 3171988, we would love to help.