Mountain Software Co


Ask any pilot and he will tell you its easy flying an aeroplane. Its the same with building your own website, but like flying an aeroplane it is a lot faster when you get a professional to create your website.

That's what we do !

What you need firstly is a web name i.e.

Then you need to host it with someone. You can host for free at a number of places but be prepared to loose control of your site and its contents.

Depending on your requirements hosting can be as little as NZ$15.00 per month

You then need someone to draw the picture of what your website will look like. This is made up with a number of different elements, including images and text. Some of the text will be large and some small. Some of the images will be large and some small and everything in the right place.

That's what we do !

Then there is the coding required to move from page to page. The coding required to open the database and ask for information and the coding required to do something with the result.It's not hard. Its like flying an aeroplane, if you have the time to learn how to fly.

But when it comes to website building, that's what we do !   Just make contact, email  or phone 027 317 1988.